Sunday 11:00 am

Vision & Mission

Go therefore and make disciples...

The Vision 

The Vision of Sanctuary is: To be a place that reflects the welcoming Love of Jesus where people experience a transforming relationship with Him, with one another, and that extends throughout our city. We do this by gathering on Sunday for worship together, meeting in homes or coffee shops during the week to encourage one another, explore the Bible together and pray together. We are always thinking about reaching UP to God, IN to one another, and OUT in our everyday life.

The Mission

The Mission of Sanctuary is: We go out! We’re not confined to four walls! We go out in our daily lives with an awareness there are people we need to connect with who are searching to find God. Many of these people we already know. Consider starting a group for your friends who are not yet open to church, but are spiritually curious. We will teach you a simple process called: Discovery Bible Study that is being used all around the world and is transforming peoples lives.  
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